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How to install labsecurity? and How to Scan vulnerabilities in the network with labsecurity?

This tool was created in order to find vulnerabilities within a specific system or software both common servers or a pc, to report it and try to improve the software and that way that vulnerability will not exist, this software is also used for educational purposes which to teach how a hacker accesses information that he should not have, and how to prevent it.




The requirements to use the system is to have the following python modules installed:

  • colorama
  • requests
  • python-nmap
  • wheel

How to install lab security?


Step 1: Clone the repository

git clone

labsecurity root

Step 2: Change the directory

cd labsecurity

CD labsecurity

Step 3: Install the requirements

pip3 install -r requirements.txt

Step 4: Change the permission

chmod +x *; ls 

Step 5: Run the

python3 install

How to use labsecurity?

Step 1: Run with “labsecurity

Step 2: set the target IP

Step 3: set the target port

Step 4: set scan type here I am using a simple port scan

Step 5: type “run


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