Cyberwar on Pro-Russian Hacker Gang KillnetDeclared by Anonymous

Anonymous Declares Cyberwar on Pro-Russian Hacker Gang Killnet

Our Confidential Information on the Internet must be safe. Cyberwar, Hacking Cases are growing day by day. One of the main reasons for this is...
Hacker in jail

A 28 Year Ukrainian Hacker has been Sentenced to 4 Years of Imprisonment for...

It is common on the dark web to sell illegal items, services, and sensitive data. A Case came into view in which the U.S....
IMSI Catcher

Sniffing Radio Signal Using IMSI Catcher and RTL SDR

Radio Signal sniffing and Wireless network hacking is currently gaining popularity. RTL SDR a powerful radio sniffer can be used to capture radio signals...
PayG Payment Gateway Hacked

An Engineering Dropout Hacker Hacked into Payment Gateways and Stole 3 Crores!

A Vijaywada Engineering Dropout Hacked PayG and Other Payment Gateways to Steal 3 Crores! Cybercrimes are getting more prominent day by day after the revolutionary...
Pegasus Spyware

F.B.I asked Pegasus Spyware From Israel’s NSO Group for Investigations!

Pegasus Spyware is a powerful spying tool developed by Israel's NSO Group, capable of exploiting both Android and iOS devices to install spyware and...
Conti Ransomware Hacking Group

U.S. Offering 10 Million USD for Information on Conti Ransomware Hacking Group

 Conti Ransomware affected the Costa Rican Finance Minister Costa Rica, a country in Central America has been immensely affected by Conti Ransomware Hacking Group. This...
Russian TV got Hacked

Russian TV got Hacked, Hackers Replaced TV Schedules with Anti War Message!-

The Russian Leaders Pointlessly Claimed Kyiv to Acquire Nuclear Weapons We all are aware of the ongoing war between Russia and Ukraine. Russian TV got...
Cyber security training to be provided for mothers in Kerala

Cyber security training to be provided for mothers in Kerala!

V Sivankutty, the current education minister of Kerala announced cyber security training for women via an initiative of KITE. The government will provide cyber...

CERT-In Directed VPN Providers to Store Customer Data for 5 years in India!

Recently the Indian Computer Emergency Response Team commonly known as CERT-In issued a directive in which they directed VPN service providers in India to...
Chinese Hacking Group

Chinese Hacking Group APT 41 Stole Intellectual Property Worth Trillions From MNCs!

APT41, also known as Double Dragon, Barium, Winnti, Rogue Panda, and a few other names are popular for this Chinese hacking group. This hacking...