information gathering

Information gathering is the first step of Ethical Hacking, where the penetration tester or even hackers gather information on their target victims. To increase your chances of “successful” hacking, you will need to do a good job and spend time on this stage.

Steps of information gathering:-

  1.    Enumerating content and functionality.

(By the help of manual browsing)

   2.    Automated Spidering to website.

          (for discovering new content)

   3.    Discovering hidden contents – For discovering the hidden files we will use brute force techniques. We will send a huge number of requests to the webserver, attempting to guess the name or identifiers of hidden functionality.  In this you have to look for:-


Backup copies of live files


Backup archives


New functionality


Default application functionality


The old version of files that have not been removed from the server


Configuration and include files containing sensitive data


Comments in source code


Logs files

 4. Use of public information – two main types of publicly available resources are useful here. Search engine/ Advance google Dorking.

Web archives  i.e Wayback machines

5. Discovering Hidden parameter

6. Analyze the application:-  In this phase, you have to enumerate the application:-

      •  The core  mechanism and how they function (user registration  password change, account recovery )
      • All different locations at which the application process user-supplied input. (every URL, item of post data, cookie)
      • What technologies they are using.
      • Any other details about internal structure.

   7.  Identify entry points for user input:-  look for this one:-

      • Every URL string
      • Every Parameter
      • Every cookie
      • Every Post Request

  8. Identify Server-side Technologies:-  Banner grabbing and fingerprinting (service + version )


 9. Information Through File extension:-  it is used within URL often disclose the platform a programming language used to implement relevant functionality.


 10. Information  Through Directory Names:-


 java servlets


  oracle Application server PL/SQL gateway


 Ruby on rails

   11.   Information through Session Token:-


 The java platform


 Microsoft IIS Server



 12.   Analyze Third-party code components

By Abhishek

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