Nessus vulnerability scanner


Nessus is a popular known vulnerability scanning tool. It identifies the vulnerabilities

that need attention with high speed, accurate scanning, and minimal false positive.

Nessus Professional is a commercial product and a free Nessus home version is also available.

Nessus is developed by Tenable network security.

Key features of Nessus

  • User-friendly interface
  • Nessus can audit firewalls, routers, switches
  • Nessus can run against multiple OS (Windows, Mac, Linux)
  • Nessus can find vulnerabilities in web server, web services, and OWASP vulnerabilities

In this article, I’m going to explain how to download and install the Nessus tool in kali Linux.

It’s not pre-installed in Kali Linux, so we need to do it manually.

Downloading Nessus

  •  I mentioned already that Nessus is not pre-installed in Kali Linux.
  • So we are going to download it our self.
  • This is the official website of Nessus.

first go to this link and resister your self with your Gmail.

After complete the registration successfully you will get a window like this, on this window click the “download” option and go ahead.

After that you should select your Kali system 64 bit or 32 bit. If not you know, you can use this command and check your architecture of your system.

uname -a

According to my system I selected one which is supportable to my system

Then you will get an agreement window, on that window click on “agree” and select the “save” option and save it on your system.

Now Nessus is going to download. it will take few seconds or minutes.

Once we are completed the downloading part. next move on installing process…..

Continue with me still finish the all process..

Installing Nessus

Nessus file is saved in Downloads directory so we are going to install it. So first open the terminal and go to the Downloads directory and give the command ls.

There will appear the file that we downloaded.

Now use the dpkg command with -i parameter and file name. then hit enter.

dpkg -i Nessus-8.13.1-debian6_amd64.deb

Nessus is installed successfully…

See in this window I selected specified command. Copy that command and paste it down and hit enter.

For copy the command select the command and press these keys  ctrl+shift+c

See again I selected a link in this window. After finish the installation you also will get a link like this. So copy it and paste on your web browser and browse it.


in this case, your browser will make an alert to you. So you can go ahead with the “advanced” option.

Now Nessus you want to deploy. I have selected “Nessus essential” with the free version and click on ”continue”.

In this form fill your details and click on “Email”.

Then you will get an activation code.

After getting the activation code to apply it to the next window and you will get a new window, on this window create a user account. When you give the password should follow the strong one. And click on “submit”

Now Nessus is starting preparation of the files that needed to scan.

Be informed that this could take some times.

After we finishing downloading the plugins, we enter the user name and password to login into the Nessus account…

By- Mohammed Fayas

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