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Mozilla has rolled out the latest version of their popular web browser Firefox. Marked Firefox 83, the browser comes with a patch for a zero-day bug along with other fixes.

 Also Mozilla Firefox  introduces the HTTPS-Only mode.

If you don’t know how to update Firefox don’t worry

Let me tell step by step,

    Step-1 Click the menu button in the top right corner.

    Step-2 Click the Help button.

    Step-3 Select About Firefox.

    Step-4 Click Check for updates.

    Step-5 Click Update.

    Step-6 Click Restart Firefox to Update.

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It will automatically start and again check your version or update status

Now you will see this type of screen


What is HTTPS-Only mode

With this release of Firefox 83, Mozilla Firefox introduces a new ‘HTTPS-Only mode’ that automatically modifies URLs and automatically rewritte usecure URL to Secure HTTPS URL. So that they use a secure HTTPS version.

If HTTPS-Only mode is enabled, Firefox will automatically rewrite the URLs

By default, this new feature is disabled in Firefox 83 but it can be enabled under Settings > Privacy & Security after scroll down and see this type of screen,

fire fox browser installation

Click on Enable, you have to options for Enable, you choose according to you.

Now we check HTTPS mode is working in my Firefox by simply type any http website

It will automatically rewrite the URL to HTTPS,

fire fox

Mozilla has also fixed 21 vulnerabilities in Firefox 83, including a zero-day discovered by Google Project Zero.

In October, Google Project Zero disclosed a zero-day vulnerability in Freetype used in active attacks against Google Chrome. This vulnerability, though, affected any software that utilizes Freetype, including Mozilla Firefox.

With this release, Mozilla has fixed the “CVE-2020-15999: Heap buffer overflow in freetype” vulnerability in Firefox Linux and Android versions.

For a complete list of security updates in Firefox 83, you can visit Mozilla’s Security Advisories

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