YouTube Went Down Globally

YouTube Went Down Globally but It’s fix now

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Today early morning around 6:30AM IST YouTube users were facing issues on youtube. youtube was down for some periods of periods. Users were not able to play video in the youtube app.

 According to the maximum number of outage reports came in at around 6:40AM IST with as many as 3,500 users reporting that youtube is down.

Around 6 hours earlier, the company acknowledged that some users were facing issues while watching the video.Text Description automatically generated

Around 5 hours TeamYouTube retweet that “we are back”.

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Downdetector’s outage map show that the issues were mostly see in the US, particularly in the Northeast, as well as some parts of Europe, south America, And Australia.

Map Description automatically generated analysis that Most Reported problems were in watch videos.

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