Burp Suite Releases Its Latest Version 2020.11 

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On 15 Oct 2020 Burp Suite officially tweet their update is coming soon.

burp suite

Finally, Burp Suite Officially Released its latest version with New Features added.

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Burp Suite Releases provide some new features for both manual and automated testing , as well as some major upgrades available to the message editor UI.

This latest version is available for Professional and Community both anybody can easily use this Features.

Message Inspector

Burp Suite added message inspector , message inspector is a collapsible panel displayed on the right-hand side of the message editor throughout Burp Suite. Message Inspector provide a help to easily analyze HTTP / WebSocket messages. You also perform basic operations like viewing and manipulating any header , parameters and cookies that is found in HTTP message.

The Hex, Params, Headers, and Cookies tabs that is used before  in the message editor that have been removed. You can now access the same functionality, and some additional new features, directly in the inspector panel

API Scanning

Burp Scanner is now also able to scan both JSON and YAML-based APIs for vulnerabilities. You also disable API Scanning by deselecting the “Parse API definitions” crawl option in your scan configuration. You can find this option under “Miscellaneous”.

Burp Suite also releases some features like Test recorded login sequences, Automatic Updates, Bug Fixes and Some other Improvements. Read More

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