tianfu cup

Chinese hacking competition Tianfu cup find a security breach in some of the most used software such as IOS 14, Chrome, windows 10, Ubuntu and many more.

In china one of the largest and most recognized hacking competitions the Tianfu cup is held in china once every year where hackers compete against each other to find new vulnerabilities in popular platforms.

In 2020 tianfu cup competition third edition being held in the  city of chengdu, in china. Event organisers confirmed that hackers were able to successfully hacked the following popular platforms.

  1. Android (Samsung Galaxy S20)
  2. IOS 14 (Apple Iphone 11 pro Max)
  3. Adobe PDF Reader
  4. Docker-CE
  5. Safari
  6. TP-Link
  7. ASUS Router
  8. Windows 10
  9. Google Chrome
  10. Firefox

15 teams of Chinese hackers participated in 2020 tianfu cup. All team had three tries of five minutes each to hack into a selected target with an original exploit.

For each exploit attack. Teams received rewards that varied depending on the target they choose and the vulnerability type.

As per the report. All exploits used by contestants for the attacks were reported to the software provider. security patches for all the bugs demonstrated at the event will be provided over the coming weeks. 

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