SSH : Secure Shell

                                  SSH : Secure Shell 

What is SSH?

SSH stands for ‘Secure Shell’ , sometimes referred to as ‘Secure Socket Shell’ is a protocol which allows you to connect securely to a remote computer or a server by using a text-based interface

Default Port Number of SSH – 22


  • An SSH client of your choice
  • An SSH server on the remote machine
  • The IP address or name of the remote server

How to Access a Remote Server

To connect a remote machine we need its internet protocol address address or its name. 

Open any terminal and type command

command format -> ssh <ip/name>

Example –> ssh



The first time we connect to a host, we will see this message, 

Type simply ‘yes’ and enter,

Then It ask, password ‘enter the password’ and enter


You successfully logged in by SSH.

Specify a Username for Secure Shell connection 

SSH uses the default user when accessing a remote server. To specify a user for a Secure Shell Connection, use this command

command format -> ssh <username>@<hostname/ip> 

Example – ssh [email protected]


          ssh [email protected] 

Type the password, and enter

Great, you successfully logged in by SSH.

Note –

 for exit from ssh connection use command ‘exit’.

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