‘ls’ Command in Linux

                 Listing Files (ls) or List Directory Contents

If you want to see the list of files on your UNIX or LINUX system, use the ‘ls’ command it show the files/directories in your current directory

Note -:

  • Directories are denoted in blue color.
  • Files are denoted in white.
  • You will find similar color schemes in different flavours of linux.
  • ls –A > Almost all
  • ls -lb > to see Block Size
  • ls -l > to see details of each file.
  • ls -ld > for directory permission check
  • ls -lh > to check file in human readable format
  • ls -li > to check sequence number of a file or folder
  • ls -lr > to check reverse order of a list
  • ls -lR > list subdirectory recursively
  • ls -al > to see hidden file
  • ls –help > to get help menu of ’ls’ command or many options try according to you.

By Himanshu

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