types of malware

Types of malware

  1. Virus  A peace of code. malicious intent. It requires human
    interaction to spread tha infection. Its comes from usb, email
    attachment/ pirated software download.
  2. Worm a worm can self-replicate without a host program and typically
    spreads without any human interaction or directives from tha malware
    Example  wannacry
  3. Trojan  harmless looking app/exe, bind malicious file with another
    app and look like exactly normal app.
  4. Keyloggers a keylogger records every keystroke you type on
    computer’s keyboard. With this information, a attacker find out your
    username and password for a range of sites without even seeing what
    comes up on tha screen.
    there are two types of keystrokes
  5. hardware
  6. software
  7. Ransomware ransomware is designed to infect a user’s system and
    encrypt tha data. Cybercriminal then demand a ransom payment from
    tha victim in exchange for decrypting tha system’s date
  8. Rootkita rootkit is created to obtain administrator-level access to tha
    victim’s system. Once installed, tha program gives thread actors root or
    privileged access to tha system.
  9. Adware  adware is used to track a user’s browser and download
    history with intent to display pop-up or banner advertisement that lure
    tha user into making purchase. For example, an advertiser might use
    cookies to track tha web pages a user visits to better targets advertising.


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