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How to install Tail operating System

1 min read
how to install tail operating system

Step by Step Complete Installation of Tail Operating System

Step – 1

Open any Browser and download VMware / Virtual Box 

In my case I install VMware choice is yours

Step – 2

Open VMware and click ‘Create a New Virtual Machine’

Click ‘ I will install Operating System Later’ and Select Linux and version ‘Debian 9x 64-bit’

Click on Finish.

Now, you see this type screen.

Step – 4

Now, Select your machine in my case machine name is ‘Tail_OS_Fresh Installation’

And Click on ‘Edit Virtual Machine Setting’

Click on CD/DVD and click ‘use ISO Image file’

Now, select your Downloaded Tail OS ISO File,

Click on ok,

Now, again select your machine and click on ‘Play Virtual Machine’

Press Enter or wait 3 seconds, it will boot automatically 

It is on Processing,

Select your language, and click on ‘Start Tails’

Step – 5 

Great, You Successfully Installed Tail Operating System

I will check a command ‘whoami’ to check it is 100% working fine or not, -> WOW , it is working

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