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Complete Installation Of Kali Linux 2020.3

2 min read

    Step by Step Complete Installation of Kali Linux 2020.3

Step – 1 

 Open any Browser and download VMware / Virtual Box 

               In my case I install VMware choice is yours 

Step – 2

Extract your downloaded files by any Extractor Software like 7zip, Winrar etc.

Download Link of 7zip 32 bit->

Download Link of 7zip 64 bit ->

Download Link of Winrar 32 bit ->

Download Link of Winrar 64 bit ->

Step – 3

Open VMware -> Click ‘Open a Virtual Machine’

 Now, select your location -> Where is your Extracted Kali Linux Files.

Open that folder and select ‘Kali-Linux-2020.3-vmware-amd64’

Step – 4

Select your machine in my case my machine name is ‘Kali-Linux-2020.3-vmware-amd64’ 

And click on Play Machine, if you want to configure something then click on ‘Edit Virtual Machine Setting’.

Click on I Copied files,

Now, it is on Processing

Press Enter, or wait 4 seconds

Step – 5

Great, You Successfully Installed Latest kali Linux 2020.3 in Your Virtual Machine.

I will check a command ‘whoami’ to verify terminal is 100% working or not

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