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How to install Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8

2 min read
How to install Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8 (1)

Complete Installation of RHEL – 8 

Step – 1

First of all, Download VMware or virtual Box and install,

I am installing VMware , you also install Virtual Box installation process will be same don’t worry

Open VMware and Click  ‘Create a New Virtual Machine’.

Download VMware :

Download Virtual Box :

Step – 2

 Click  ‘I will install the operating system later’

Step – 3

Select  ‘Linux’

Step – 4

Select Version ‘Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8 64’

Step – 5

Give Size – Minimum 20 GB, I am Giving 80 Gb

Step – 6

Click Next and Select Configuration , Select  ‘ NAT’ from Network Adapter tab and close.

Step – 7

Download the ISO File of RHEL 8 From Official Website

Make sure you have Red Hat account, if you have not , Click on ‘Create on Now’ instead of Login

Open VMware and Select Your Machine  Name in my case my Machine Name is ‘Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8 64 bit – Fresh Install’  after ‘Click on Edit -> Click on CD/DVD and Select ISO of RHEL – 8

Step – 8

Press Enter key

Step -9

Press, ESC if you want to abort the Check process , and You  see this screen 

  • Select your Keyboard Language

Step – 10

Click on ‘Installation’

Step – 11

Select ‘Custom’ by default It is Automatic, you can change if you want manual setup and click on done

Step – 12 

Select Done, or you can modify .

Step – 13

Click on ‘Apply Changes’

Step – 14

Click on Begin Installation

Step – 15

Give, Click on Root and Give root username and password.

  • Similarly, Create user, give username and password

Step – 16

After sometime it will complete. According to your system performance it will take time 20 to 30 minutes.

  • Click on Reboot

Step – 17

Click on ‘Licensing’ and Agree

Step – 18 

Give , Username password that you assigned in earlier step

Step – 19

This is Your Welcome Screen, Click on Next.

Step – 20

Click on ‘ Start Using Red Hat Enterprise Linux’ .

Step – 21

Great, Installation Successful  , Check your hostname by simple command, hostnamectl

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