Botnet uses commands and control channels (C&C).To initiate attack botnet uses IRC and HTTP protocols.It’s a big challenge to detect and prevent botnet attacks due to the Commands & Control channels.In botnet a malicious website is created which captures the details of the system of the victims machine such as there IP address,Operating System of the victim’s machine , operating system version and the machine’s architecture.the website initiates  spam attacks.this technique do not require any prior knowledge of bots and Commands & Control channels as the mechanism  can detect bots based on HTTP protocol.By implementing a bot sniffer monitor, botnet attacks can be detected, and preventive measures can be taken to prevent such attacks.We developed  a bot-sniffer monitor is developed to detect botnets by detecting the HTTP POST request method and by tracing the hidden fields in the HTML forms

If you want to read the full research paper then you can also download this PDF file below…

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