Volatility plugin for extracts configuration data of known malware

MalConfScan is a volitylity plugin extracts configuration data of known malware. Volatility is an open-source memory forensics framework for incident response and malware analysis. This tool searches for malware in memory images and dumps configuration data. In addition, this tool has a function to list strings to which malicious code reMalConfScan has a function to list strings to which malicious code refers. Configuration data is usually encoded by malware. Malware writes decoded configuration data to memory, it may be in memory. This feature may list decoded configuration data.fers.

Supported Malware Families

MalConfScan can dump the following malware configuration data, decoded strings or DGA domains:

  • Ursnif
  • Emotet
  • Smoke Loader
  • PoisonIvy
  • CobaltStrike
  • NetWire
  • PlugX
  • RedLeaves / Himawari / Lavender / Armadill / zark20rk
  • TSCookie
  • TSC_Loader
  • xxmm
  • Datper
  • Ramnit
  • HawkEye
  • Lokibot
  • Bebloh (Shiotob/URLZone)
  • AZORult
  • NanoCore RAT
  • AgentTesla
  • FormBook
  • NodeRAT (https://blogs.jpcert.or.jp/ja/2019/02/tick-activity.html)
  • njRAT
  • TrickBot
  • Remcos
  • QuasarRAT
  • Pony



How to Install

If you want to know more details, please check the MalConfScan wiki.

How to Use

MalConfScan has two functions malconfscan and malstrscan.

Export known malware configuration

$ python vol.py malconfscan -f images.mem --profile=Win7SP1x64

List the referenced strings

$ python vol.py malstrscan -f images.mem --profile=Win7SP1x64

MalConfScan with Cuckoo

Malware configuration data can be dumped automatically by adding MalConfScan to Cuckoo Sandbox. If you need more details on Cuckoo and MalConfScan integration, please check MalConfScan with Cuckoo.


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