Netattacker tool for penetration tester

Install using Git Command

git clone https://github.com/zdresearch/OWASP-Nettacker.git

Features of Nettacker Tool by OWASP

IoT Scanner
Python Multi-Thread & Multi Process Network Information Gathering Vulnerability Scanner
Service and Device Detection ( SCADA, Restricted Areas, Routers, HTTP Servers, Logins and Authentications, None-Indexed HTTP, Paradox System, Cameras, Firewalls, UTM, WebMails, VPN, RDP, SSH, FTP, TELNET Services, Proxy Servers and Many Devices like Juniper, Cisco, Switches and much more… )
Network Service Analysis
Services Brute Force Testing
Services Vulnerability Testing
HTTP/HTTPS Crawling, Fuzzing, Information Gathering and …
HTML and Text Outputs
This project is at the moment in research and development phase and most of results/codes are not published yet.

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