To run this script first install requirements as follows:

sudo pip3 install requirements.txt

Install Using GIT Clone Command in Linux

git clone

How to use Airopy Wifi Hacking Toolkit

In the examples I don’t add ‘sudo’, but to execute them you need high privileges.

To get help:

python3 -h

To get Access Points :

python3 -i wlx00c0ca81fb80 --aps

To get Client Stations details:

python3 -i wlx00c0ca81fb80 --stations

To get APS and Stations:

python3 -i wlx00c0ca81fb80 --aps --stations

To filter by a particular vendor:

python3 -i wlx00c0ca81fb80 --stations -d 0

To filter mac vendors, please check the number in This last option can return unwanted devices, as it is based on the following unvalidated prefixes on my part:

If you use it in America, add –america.


Josué Encinar


This project has been based on

Wifijammer from Dan McInerney

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