Introduction: What is DNS and How to DNS Enumeration

DNS (Domain Name System) is one of the many systems that keeps the Internet humming and is responsible for resolving human-readable hostnames into machine-readable IP addresses. DNS servers host what are known as zones. A DNS zone is a portion of the domain name space that is served by a DNS server, and will contain several DNS records, which are nothing more than key-value pairs of information that will be served to a client depending on the request made to the DNS server.

DNS Enumeration :

DNS server responsible for resolve host name or domain name to there ip address.

Tool : host, Nslookup, dig

host -t ns
host -t mx




set type=ns
set type=ms


dig -t mx
dig AAAA


It is a process of copying or replicating a DNS or zone file from primary server to secondary server.

=>Dig, Nslookup and Host::-

  1. host ::
    host -t ns ===>
    host -l
  2. Dig ::

dig -t ns
dig axfr

  1. nslookup ::

set type=ns

window ::

set type=any
ls -d

  1. automate tool::
    dnsrecon -d -t axfr

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