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Zero-Click or Zero Day Supplied to Iran By Russia (Zero Day For Phone Hacking)

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Mobile phone hacking by russian hackers

Zero-Click or Zero Day Supplied to Iran By Russia (Zero Day For Phone Hacking)

Blue and White Party Leader Benny Gantz’s Cell Phone was Hacked by Iran

Recently a news came that Russia just supplied a secret Zero Day Phone Hacking Exploits to Iran.

What is this Zero Click Technology ?
It is nothing but zero Day remote exploit which could compromise the victim Mobile Phone without victim without any single hint. In this attacker victim will not click on link or will not install any malware.

Who is this Benny Gantz ?
A Former Security military Chief, Israel.
(As per the Benny no phone was having no personal data)

As per the news by Israel TV Report this was used to hack Gantz’s Phone.

Most of the Phone Hacking are been done by Malware and trojans auto download and installation thus by infecting the phone and further taking the full control of the phone with the help of that malware.

This was done just with the specially crafted Message been sent to Specific component of Iphone Cellular modem to its associated phone number. Attacker were able to gain control over the iPhone.

Benny Gantz, Former Security Military Chief, Israel was approached by Shin Bet Security service who informed him that his personal Phone was hacked.

Who Hacked Gantz Mobile Phone ?
Hackers from Tehran hacked his personal Mobile phone extracted his personal messages and sensitive information from the phone.

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