TheFatRat with Msfvenom


What is TheFatRat ??

This is used to create backdoor with Metasploit (msfvemon commands).  With FatRat you can do dll attacks, browser attacks in post-exploitation phase.

It can run on Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, and many other operating systems.

Payload Created by TheFatRat can bypass Antivirus Protection on the system.

How to Use FatRat

Getting Started

  1. git clone
  2. cd TheFatRat/setup
  3. chmod +x && ./

How FatRat Works

  • Extract The lalin-master to your home or another folder
  • chmod +x fatrat
  • chmod +x
  • And run the tools ( ./fatrat )
  • Easy to Use just input your number

Requirements to install FatRat :

  • A Linux operating system. We recommend Kali Linux 2 or Kali 2016.1 rolling / Cyborg / Parrot / Dracos / BackTrack / Backbox / and another operating system ( Linux )
  • Must install Metasploit framework

                     Download THEFatRat



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